Recent Works

Ġejja Dgħajsa

‘Ġejja Dgħajsa’, which literally translates to ‘A boat is coming’, is an interactive installation inspired by the symbolism attributed to boats, in the context of mass migration in the Mediterranean region. Visitors during the event were invited to walk amongst the origami boats and gently nudge them to light up, becoming active participants by doing so.



ɅVɅ is an interactive light installation that enriches users’ experience at the main lobby of Cavalieri Art Hotel. Reference is drawn from the geometry of the Maltese cross and the branding strategy of the hotel. ɅVɅ allows visitors to influence the space which they are in, as they can interact in real-time with the lighting patterns above them.


Morphs 2.0

MORPHs are adaptive octahedral structures that can roll around public spaces and respond to their environment. Their intent is not only to provide a dynamic and playful environment for play areas within public parks, but also to encourage younger generations to engage with computational technology from an early age.



myCup is an interactive artwork commissioned by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) and their long-standing arts partner Create London for EarthDay 2015. Wrapped in 8000 plastic cups Bank of America Merrill Lynch has committed to using this many less cups during the six-weeks of its install as part of a...



Architectural Design

I am an architect by profession, following five years of study in Malta and two years of practice. I obtained my professional warrant in 2012, and later continued my studies in architectural design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

Interaction Design

I studied interactive architecture at the Bartlett (UCL), where I graduated with distinction in 2013. Following my studies I continued to develop MORPHs, an interactive robotically actuated structure, with support from UCL. I now form part of the Interactive Architecture Lab, a research group focused on interaction and the built environment.


My research focuses on the role of embodied computation in the performance of architectural design. The first set of observations were published in the proceedings of Fabricate 2014 under the title “Fabricating Behaviour”, a paper which I co-authored with IAL director, Ruairi Glynn.

Digital Manufacturing

I’m interested in digital fabrication as a tool for rapidly prototyping architectural designs. My role as a teaching fellow at the Bartlett (UCL) has enabled me to work with, and learn from, a team of highly dedicated and competent fabrication specialists.

The Interactive Architecture Lab is a multi-disciplinary research group and Masters Programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Interested in the Behaviour and Interaction of Things, Environments and their Inhabitants.




I am a Maltese architect and leading member of the Interactive Architecture Lab. Following my studies in architecture and building engineering in Malta (UoM) I developed “Morphs”, a reconfigurable interactive architectural system at The Bartlett (UCL).

I am a teaching fellow on the Graduate Architectural Design programme at the Bartlett and have been published widely in academic peer reviewed conferences and journals. My design research practice takes a fabrication-oriented approach towards architectural performance and behaviour.


Architectural Design
Interaction Design
Digital Fabrication
Construction Management