ɅVɅ is an interactive light installation that enriches users’ experience at the main lobby of Cavalieri Art Hotel. Reference is drawn from the geometry of the Maltese cross and the branding strategy of the hotel. ɅVɅ allows visitors to influence the space which they are in, as they can interact in real-time with the lighting patterns above them. This enables viewers to become active participants, in an engaging dialogue between people, objects and their environment.

Video: AVA (film by William Victor Camilleri)

The role of ɅVɅ’s prominent location is to promote a culture of engaging with artworks outside of un-contextual galleries. Complementary to the other traditional galleries of the hotel, ɅVɅ transforms the hotel’s lobby into a place which is responsive, engaging and creative. In addition, the artwork engages viewers beyond the lobby’s glass enclosure and serve as a display of the hotel’s patronage for the arts.