myCup is an interactive artwork commissioned by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) and their long-standing arts partner Create London for EarthDay 2015. Wrapped in 8000 plastic cups Bank of America Merrill Lynch has committed to using this many less cups during the six-weeks of its install as part of a bank-wide initiative to educate and inspire employees to recycle at work as part of the bank’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

mycupImage: myCup illuminates BAML lobby space during the evening using low-power LEDs

This 3 metre diameter installation consists of multiple interdependent layers forming one rigid structure. The outermost layer consists of inter-weaved plastic cups skin which is supported and connected to a light-weight aluminium geodesic sphere which in turn houses a digitally fabricated internal core. This internal core has a dual function; it is braced to the structure at the centre of the geometry increasing its rigidity and providing a central point of suspension preventing the geodesic structure from deforming when suspended in position. In addition to the structural stability the central core features a system of 8 fins providing fixing points for 29 high brightness and individually addressed LEDs’.

Video: myCup addresses our individual and collective waste streams.